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Welcome to the main page of my website. My name is David Cherie, and I have been practicing law for a number of years. During that time, I oversaw the learning that took place during the internship of many law school graduates. I always made a point of acquainting those interns with the qualities of a good lawyer. I wanted my interns to display those same qualities, whenever they met with one of my clients.

If you choose to contact my law firm, you too will benefit from the qualities that I instill into my interns, and into the habits of all the people who work with me. I intend to spell out those qualities on this web page.

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First, a good lawyer must have the ability to communicate, both orally and on paper. A lawyer is a professional. He or she should not use any sort of crass or even “hip” language. A lawyer must state everything clearly and simply.

Next, a good lawyer demonstrates the ability to think logically. A good lawyer knows when and how to “make his (or her) case.” A good lawyer can aid a client by seeing the logic behind a particular move in a courtroom. A good lawyer understands when it pays to make a logical move, a move that others might have failed to anticipate.

A good lawyer should excel at dealing with people. A lawyer repeatedly meets with and talks with various people. A lawyer should feel ready to think about what it means to “wear the shoes” of the client with whom he or she is talking.

In the late 1980s, one lawyer in Los Angeles County was invited to take on a car accident case for a woman with a ventricular shunt. At one point, he questioned the soundness of the woman’s case. He suggested that she might be asked why, in view of her medical condition, she did not wear two seat belts.

That lawyer failed to consider what it might mean to go through life always worried about how your medical condition might cause unanticipated problems. Remember, it took the automobile industry many years to accept the proposal for mandatory seatbelts. I would never want one of my interns to address a client in the way that this one lawyer spoke to this one female client.

When dealing with people, a good lawyer must show a complete understanding of the situation. A good lawyer needs to be able to see both sides of any argument. The lawyer mentioned above had the ability to see both sides of his client’s argument. He did not, however, do a decent job of conveying to her the possible implications of claims that might be introduced by an opposing attorney.

A good lawyer needs to be flexible. A lawyer can expect to be dealing with a wide variety of legal issues. A respected lawyer feels prepared to get to the bottom of all sorts of legal questions. This is the type of lawyer that I want to have working for me.

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